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~ // february 2023 // ~

Hello! you may have noticed that it is now february, which means january is over, and also means I have to write one of these posts, why did i have to impose this upon myself? i don't remember.

Anyway, last month i tried participating in the jamuary write one song a day challenge like i did last year, which might sound like an easy thing to do but it's actually pretty fucking hard to keep up with, at least in my experience. I know others have cheesed it a little bit, reusing old projects n samples to build on top of. I didn't wanna do that initially because I thought it would make it feel less like a challenge, until yesterday when i woke up at 6pm and went "fuck that i'm gonna take this project from last year, rework it a little and call it a day because i don't have enough time to come up with anything new". Making an entire track from scratch is a daunting task, even more when you don't know pretty much anything about music theory. Seeing how i made 5 7/4 tracks in a row this year might make you think that i know what i'm doing in regards to music writing but i really don't know how i manage to do anything at all, it's a miracle that I am able to put two notes together to make a chord.

Last jamuary related thing on this post: Here's a playlist with all my jamuary tracks this year in case you wanna listen to them.

I've managed to clean up my working space a little bit the other day so I took this picture to share on the blog:


Yes I know, pretty depressing. You may have noticed it already but I still wanna point out the fact that the left speaker is held together by two hair ties. I've had to fix the speakers twice so far and last time I did I accidentally swapped the left and right channels cables without noticing, nothing too important but now the left speaker plays the right channel and the right speaker plays the left and that is somehow amusing to me. Next stop on our 10K dollar mansion tour is the headphones I'm currently using, I already mentioned it in a previous post but I got these from a pile of thrash my father brought home one day, the cable is way too long and the ear cups are absolutely uncomfortable to wear for longer than a fucking second but they're all i've got for now since my previous headphones died, i do have enough cash to go and buy a decent pair of headphones but i've been saving that money since last year for something else. I also currently don't have a mouse so i'm stuck using the laptop's trackpad, clicking in midi notes is ten times more annoying now.

You may have also noticed friend in the above picture, say hi to friend.


This is the only companion i currently have, he lives on my desk on top of the speakers and provides me with emotional support since last year when i found him on a pile of old plushies i used to play with when i was a child. I called him "friend" because i'm terrible at naming things.

I can't think of anything else to say so I'm gonna end the post here. Lately i've been thinking a lot about making an album, i really want to make it happen and i've already found a theme that it could revolve around. I'm pretty sure i'm capable of making at least 7 tracks for it, the only difficult thing about it is definitely gonna be making the cover art, i can't commission anyone cuz i don't have enough money for that AND i still don't have a credit card, so i'm pretty much gonna have to do it all by myself... and that's gonna take a while considering the fact that my drawing skills haven't evolved much since 2017. Welp, I guess that's it for this post, hope you have good day/night dear reader, i'm gonna go lay in bed for the rest of the day now.

~ // <3 // ~


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